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Sock Puppet Parody

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Welcome to Socks with Soul! Our mission is to save old socks from being sent to Ragdom or worse yet, being tied into a knot and thrown to a dog! We believe that every sock deserves a second chance at life. That’s why we created Socks with Soul. Our sock puppets are more than just toys. They are characters with personalities and stories. Meet My Sock Puppet and She Sock Puppet. My Sock Puppet is a scavenger with an extremely limited attention span and a tremendous amount of anxiety. He is seeking to make friends and is excited and curious about everything. Once he acquires a thing, he does not let go until he finds something more appealing. My Sock Puppet believes he has a purpose and can make the right friends. She Sock Puppet is the feminine disciple of My Sock Puppet who saves her from Ragdom. She is lovable and playful. She learns quickly that not everyone is going to love her back all the time, but she perseveres and tries to keep up with My Sock Puppet. She is intrigued by food and loves to sing when she is happy. If you want to see the world in a most amusing light, put a sock on your hand and talk to it until it talks back. Join us in our mission to save old socks from being discarded and give them new life!

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